10 Horror Movies That Just Aren’t Scary

Regardless of the hype, these films fell flat on the fright front.

Warner Bros.

For whatever reason, so many of us love nothing more than having the pants scared off us. For as long as the concept of cinema has been around, there has forever been the demand and need for horror movies designed for nothing more than to get the blood pumping and to make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

There have been countless horror offerings over the decades that have done just that, that have caused many a sleepless night, and that still make us wince in terror at the mere thought of them to this day, but that's not always been the case.

Of course, there are horror movies that are just plain bad, yet here the spotlight is to be put on horror efforts that aren't being highlighted due to necessarily being outright awful films. No, more this feature is about horror movies that are just plain not scary.

As odd as it may sound, not every horror film has to be an outright assault of fear and shocks, but there are those films that promise to be a fright-filled rollercoaster ride and fail miserably in delivering such an experience.

Here, then, are ten such horror movies that don't get even close to scaring their audience.


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