10 Horror Movies That Killed EVERY Main Character

Death eludes no one in these brutal, brilliant horror offerings.

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In a broad sense, the vast majority of horror films end up with at least one survivor making it out alive. Sure, sometimes said survivor may be quickly dispatched in a sequel, but they can at least chalk up one W over whichever threat of the day has raised its head.

On the other hand of the equation, though, there are those films where the Grim Reaper comes calling for each and every central protagonist on offer - and sometimes, Death will even collect the villain of the piece, too.

It's on these 'everybody dies' efforts that the attention is on here, with the spotlight shining on movies that chose to kill off the entirety of their main cast.

Before things get going, there's a special shout-out to Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead and its stark final minute or two where it seems likely that everybody died; an ending that is left up to interpretation.

Likewise, there's a special mention for Zak Hilditch's phenomenal These Final Hours, which is one of the most beautiful, poignant 'end of the world' movies of recent years, but just falls more into thriller territory than all-out horror.

With that in mind, let's get to the carnage.

10. The Return Of The Living Dead

Unfriended Movie
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Once writer John Russo and director George A. Romero parted ways following Night of the Living Dead, it was Russo who retained the legal rights to the 'Living Dead' name. And thus, while George went off to do Dawn of the Dead, Russo would eventually bring in Dan O'Bannon to helm 1985's The Return of the Living Dead.

Realistically, The Return of the Living Dead has an utterly hopeless, depressing ending. The thing is, the film's unique brand of humour and satire means that one almost has a feeling that this film couldn't have ended any other way.

That ending, of course, sees the decision made to nuke the area where the majority of Return of the Living Dead takes place, killing any and all characters in the process. Even if anyone happened to somehow survive the nuclear assault, the ensuing acid rain that followed this bomb would make sure to finish off the job.

While audiences spent time getting attached to Burt, Tina, Ernie and even 'Tarman', that is all for naught as these characters are all killed off with a literal bang.

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