10 Horror Movies That Lied About Their Premise

Those horror offerings that weren't particular truthful with their purported plot.

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Few corners of cinema remain as forever popular as the horror genre. Whether it's monster movies, slasher flicks, supernatural shenanigans, psychological torment or more, horror has a flavour for everyone's tastes.

One of the key reasons why this murky realm of film keeps on striking a chord with horror hounds, is often down to how these pictures keep audiences on their toes. After all, this is a genre that specialises in catching you off-guard with a shock twist or two designed to leave jaws agape.

Here, the spotlight isn't necessarily on movies that had a unique twist at play, but instead the focus is more on the features that outright lied to you when trying to entice you in with their plot details. For that part, the promotional push or official synopsis for these movies suggested or stated one thing, yet the end result was something entirely different or at least not totally in-tune with what we were all expecting to see.

With that in mind, then, here are ten such horror offerings that weren't exactly truthful when initially detailing their plot to would-be viewers.

10. Final Destination 5 Was Not A Sequel

From The Depths
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What we all saw in Final Destination 5 was very much what we were expecting in terms of the Grim Reaper hunting down those who'd earlier managed to avoid perishing as a bridge collapsed. Where the film lied, though, is that it was really a prequel to the original Final Destination rather than the straight-up sequel it was billed as.

As a franchise, Final Destination is a fun concept that's wielded a mixed bag of results where it pertains to the quality of the five films to date. It is without any small semblance of hyperbole, though, to say that the final minutes' prequel twist of FD5 was utterly masterful.

With Death seemingly thwarted as Final Destination 5 starts to wrap up, survivors Sam and Molly take a vacation to Paris as they look to put their recent traumas behind them. There, the penny wonderfully drops that the plane these lovebirds have entered is the one and the same Volée Airlines Flight 180 that explodes at the start of the original Final Destination picture.

Were horror fans lied to? Absolutely. Were audiences left with their jaws agape? Undoubtedly. That is why this fifth FD entry will always be so fondly thought of by so many.


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