10 Horror Movies That Mock You For Paying Attention

Kubrick trolled us all.

The Shining Danny
Warner Bros.

As much as many horror movies may simply be surface-level, what-you-see-is-what-you-get entertainment, there are certainly those which strive to offer up something more, rewarding those who actively engage with them and keep their eyes peeled for every painstaking detail.

And then there are films which, instead of offering up cute Easter egg in-jokes and secret pay-offs, decide to start making blatant fun of those paying perhaps a little too much attention to what they're watching.

These 10 movies all hid devilish visual gags in plain sight, yet the filmmakers also clearly took a perverse amount of joy in ribbing those obsessively keen-eyed enough to actually spot them.

While it's fair to say that most of these gags aren't outwardly spiteful - even if some of them literally spoil the movie - they do nevertheless seem to exhibit a mild disdain for those who relentlessly pore over every last frame of a film in pursuit of added "substance."

But let's be honest, for anyone observant enough to actually catch these secrets, discovery will likely only lead them further down the rabbit hole...


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