10 Horror Movies That Pissed Off Audiences Straight Away

Halloween: Resurrection is just the worst.

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Rule one of filmmaking: give the audience what they want. Obviously this means different things in different movies, and sometimes you need to make viewers wait a little while for that euphoric payoff.

But sometimes a film leaves such a sour taste from the outset with fans - fans who've paid their hard-earned money for the pleasure, no less - that it can taint the entire experience.

As much as horror fans have a reputation for perhaps being more "forgiving" than fans of other genres, they're also some of the most passionate moviegoers you'll ever find, and won't hold back on letting loose when a film leaves them foaming with frustration.

These 10 horror films, many of them unsurprisingly sequels in iconic franchises, had fans crying foul from the jump, because they committed a cardinal storytelling sin that left just about everyone wondering why the writers felt this was the way to go.

On very rare occasions it can be useful to rile the audience up at the start and then slowly reel them back in, but for the most part these films fell at literally the very first hurdle and never fully recovered their footing...

10. Jason Gets Destroyed (And Possesses People) - Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

saw 3 trap
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Though fans' expectations were well and truly through the floor by the time the ninth Friday the 13th film materialised, they nevertheless reasonably assumed that the title character would stick around for his "final" movie.

But instead, everybody's favourite machete-wielding maniac Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) is effectively disposed of just seven minutes into Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, when the FBI springs a trap on Jason which results in his body being explosively obliterated.

If that's not frustrating enough, a few scenes later we learn how a Friday the 13th movie can exist without Jason's corporeal form: the coroner (Richard Gant) performing Jason's autopsy finds himself compelled to eat Jason's still-beating heart.

As a result, the coroner becomes possessed by Jason's spirit, and the majority of the movie involves Jason "living on" in the various human hosts he transports his soul between.

Aside from a few glimpses of Jason in reflections, we don't see the franchise's iconic character again in the flesh until the very end of the film, as ensured that Jason Goes to Hell "ended" the series on an infuriating damp squib.

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