10 Horror Movies That Scrapped INSANE Kills

You'll sadly never get to see these WILD death scenes.

Slender Man

Even if a horror film's story and characters aren't very interesting, a couple of fun kills can do a lot to compensate for this, ensuring the gorehounds are sent home happy regardless.

But sometimes, for one reason or another, filmmakers decide to scrap kills that audiences would've loved to see, for their wanton brutality, their creativity, and their sheer WTF factor.

While there are surely many, many planned horror movie kills we never even hear about, in the case of these 10 films, we've had confirmation straight from the source, either by way of the director themselves, the film's script, or promotional images showing the kill in question.

Sadly each scene was either filmed and discarded during post-production or never even shot, ensuring they'll never see the light of day, no matter how much fans would love to see them.

As for why they got the chop? In some cases the filmmakers decided that it was simply too extreme for mainstream audiences, and in others the studio intervened and protested that it simply wasn't the best decision for the story.

For better or worse, we'll surely never get to see these unhinged, truly insane horror movie death scenes...

10. Balloon Animal Penis - Terrifier 2

Slender Man
Bloody Disgusting

Kicking things off with the most recent film on this list, we have Terrifier 2, the unexpected breakout horror phenomenon that's been making audiences faint out and even vomit during screenings.

And if that's the response to the grisly kills director Damien Leone actually included in the film, what about the stuff that didn't make the cut?

While doing press for the epic sequel, Leone confirmed to Variety that he nixed an idea for a death scene which he ultimately deemed "too distasteful." He said:

"There's the scene where [villain Art the Clown] cuts off a man's penis. He could have taken it further. We had conversations of things he could do once he took the guy's penis off. We explored those and joked about it, but then we said, 'No, that's way too far. That's too distasteful.'

When pressed to explain what the had in mind, Leone said:

"Possibly making a balloon animal out of [the penis], or something like that. But we absolutely can't do that. It was actually [Art the Clown actor] Dave's suggestion. We're always trying to one-up each other and come up with sick things, but that was too far for me."

Again, considering the utterly nauseating level of brutality that made it into the final film, it's an interesting place to draw the line.

Given the effusive praise Terrifier 2 has received for its creatively gnarly gore effects, many fans would've certainly loved to see the penile balloon animal.

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