10 Horror Movies That Turned Out Nothing Like You Were Promised

Those horror offerings that lulled you in with false promises.

It Comes at Night

There's plenty to be said about giving moviegoers something unexpected when a picture finally sees the light of day and makes its way out to the masses. Subverting expectations or completely pulling the rug out from an audience has been a tool utilised to make certain movies utterly iconic over the decades.

On the flip side of this, though, there always has to be a sense of care where it pertains to how one handles such things. As is having a spotlight shone on it here, some films have ended up delivering something completely different to what we expected - and not in a good way!

Instead, these films make you feel duped into paying your money for something you'd ordinarily might not have bothered to watch. There's a sense of being cheated into seeing these movies, of being manipulated and played like a fiddle.

Honing in on the horror genre in particular, then, here are ten such movies that ultimately turned out to barely resemble what we were all expecting them to be.

10. Alien: Covenant

It Comes at Night
20th Century Fox

Originally, film fans were informed how Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel would be a direct continuation of that 2012 picture and follow Elizabeth Shaw and android David in the immediate aftermath of Prometheus' events. Scott also went public to state how there absolutely would not be xenomorphs in this follow-up, with him feeling those creatures were old hat by this point.

Of course, by the time this sequel made its way to the silver screen under the name of Alien: Covenant, the final result was vastly different to what had previously been promised.

Yes, there were indeed xenomorphs because, no, they most definitely were not old hat and there was - and is - still a fanbase for those creatures. While that change of heart from Scott was a welcome one amongst audiences, what was not so welcome was the abysmal treatment of Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw.

Rather than being the main focus of Alien: Covenant, Shaw was a complete and utter afterthought. As in, the only time we get to even see her in the movie is when her dead, dissected body is briefly glimpsed.


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