10 Horror Movies Way Darker Than Advertised

9. Last Night In Soho

The Devil's Candy

If you watch the trailer for Last Night in Soho, you might not realise that it's a proper horror movie at all. That's by design, as Edgar Wright's latest is at once a coming-of-age teen drama, murder mystery, 60s light-fantasy movie and, yes, a straight-up horror.

Following a university student called Eloise who unlocks the power to visit the swinging 60s after moving to London, the young woman finds herself inhabiting the body of would-be starlet, Sandie.

What starts as something of an empowering fantasy that sees Eloise more confident in herself, soon turns sour as it appears that Sandie was murdered, and the crime never solved. Soon, what's a dream and what's reality is blurred as the student finds herself haunted by faceless men chasing her in the streets, while having nightmares about this vicious murder.

As a result, the third act of Last Night in Soho functions as essentially just pure horror, leaning on slasher tropes and revealing itself - a lot like Malignant - to be half a Giallo film in disguise.

Throw in darker content than advertised in the story - particularly a mishandled sub-plot about sex workers - and Last Night in Soho has a lot more bite than initially appears.


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