10 Horror Movies Way Darker Than Advertised

7. Impetigore

The Devil's Candy

Impetigore is a great horror straight out of Indonesia, and it's also one that plays its cards close to its chest. Ostensibly, it's about two women who venture to an isolated village in the hopes of reconnecting with their past and, ultimately, inherit a house that they can sell for some quick cash.

Not only is this plan ominous from the start - they only know about the village because a dude from there tried to kill one of the women, Maya - but when they arrive it's clear they're not welcome. Something about the whole place feels off... not least because of the countless graves that belong to children.

Eventually it's revealed that the town has been cursed, and that as a result, every baby is born without skin. Rather than subject them to a life of pain, the babies then have to be killed, leaving the entire village desperate and traumatised.

And that's just the beginning of this twisted tale, which somehow gets bleaker and bloodier the further down the rabbit hole the film goes.


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