10 Horror Movies Where The Victim Is More Dangerous Than The Villain

Call an ambulance... but not for me.

Prey 2022

While the majority of horror films maintain the status quo that the villain is always the most dangerous character in the equation, there are a select few in which the purported "victim" reveals that they were an exceedingly poor choice of prey, usually with gloriously bloody results.

It must be disclaimed that this is seldom the case in horror films that feature a supernatural antagonist. The fact is, it doesn't matter how tough and resourceful you are when you're facing some gruesome demon that possesses unworldly powers and can literally teleport and appear behind you just for sh*ts and giggles.

However, in horror films that feature a human antagonist, there is the rare occasion on which said antagonist picks the wrong victim and ends up regretting it for the rest of their (usually short) lives. These characters bring to mind the questions that every horror fan ponder when they watch a horror film; could I fight back against the unspeakable evil being depicted were I thrust into that character's shoes? Would I have such success?

While fighting back against unspeakable evil would normally be lauded as a worthwhile pursuit, it must be noted that some of the characters on this list demonstrate that while initially they may be initially portrayed as the victims of the piece, they are infinitely more evil, and subsequently dangerous, than the presumptive villains.

10. The Purge

Prey 2022
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James Sandin is an affluent security system designer, which comes in handy when you inhabit the universe in which The Purge film series takes place. You all know the drill by now; criminal responsibility is suspended for 12 hours and society is cordially invited to rape, steal and rip each other to bloody shreds for no other reason than "f*ck it, it's Purge night."

Accordingly, it's fortunate for the Sandin family that James is a straight up badass. After his home is besieged by a gang of purgers chasing an unidentified stranger who gatecrashes the Sandin home, James proceeds to dispense swift and bloody justice upon the home breakers. Despite being massively outnumbered, he manages to obliterate several of the invaders with a combination of shotgun pellets and pool balls in an absolutely epic brawl.

James is ultimately stabbed by the leader of the invaders and dies of his wounds before the film's conclusion, but his time on screen firmly established him as considerably more dangerous than any of the depraved psychopaths who entered his home. He may have designed Purge-proof systems to protect people's houses from the ensuing madness, but James ultimately proved to be the ultimate Purge deterrent himself, going out defending his family and taking several masked villains with him.

One on one with this guy? Good luck with that.


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