10 Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Based On True Stories

A Nightmare On Elm Street just got a bit more real...

New Line

There's something a little twisted about the fact that millions of people around the world genuinely enjoy watching horror movies, which mostly consist of humans dying in painful, grisly ways.

Maybe it's the feeling of knowing that those horrifying onscreen events are fictional - and are unlikely to happen in real life - that keeps the horror entertaining and at an arms length, but then again, a lot of the spooky movies that we watch actually have roots in real-world events, places, and people. So, in certain cases, the scares are a lot closer to home than you might have realised.

There are some well-known examples of this, like The Amityville Horror, The Conjuring, and The Exorcist, but there are a bunch more you might not know about. Many horror movies don't disclose that they're "based on true events", and even when they do, it can be difficult to discern what's fact, and what's fiction.

As a result, it's highly likely that you've seen one of these ten movies without realising that it was at least partly based on something that actually happened.


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