10 Horror Movies You Expected To Suck (But Were Totally Awesome)

9. M3GAN

Ready or Not Samara Weaving

Due to M3GAN's relentless marketing campaign, it was all anyone could talk about for a while. But the horror community weren't weren't saying M3GAN looked scary; it looked ridiculous.

When the teaser revealed an android performing twirls and twerks while slaughtering her victims, it was hard to pinpoint what tone the filmmakers were aiming for. Although M3GAN was intended to be a horror-comedy, it resembled a straight-up parody (especially since it opens with a farting toy commercial).

Fortunately, M3GAN is a knockout. It may only be 102 minutes, but it crams in a surprising amount of content. Watching the recently orphaned Cady bond with her robotic pal is endearing, cute, and surprisingly heartfelt, making it more upsetting when M3GAN goes full Terminator.

There are times where the titular villain's face falls into the uncanny valley, but this benefits the story, since the murderous AI is supposed to have a subtly creepy appearance.

True, M3GAN has minimal gore thanks to being slapped with a PG rating, but it's still unsettling to witness the deranged automaton slaughtering a dog or ripping off a boy's ear.

Because this concept still has a ton of potential, it'll be interesting to see what unfolds in the inevitable sequel.


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