10 Horror Movies You Won't Be Able To Sleep After Watching

These frights will ruin your nights!

The Nightmare 2015
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If you're able to sleep soundly after watching a horror movie, did it really do its job?

Whether it be with masked murderers, ghosts, demons, aliens, killer clowns, or whatever a good horror movie is supposed to scare you, the entire point of the genre is to ignite fear within the audience, forcing us to have a primal fight-or-flight reaction. More often than not, viewers use horror as a way to experience feelings that they otherwise can't without putting themselves in danger. It allows us to come up against situations that we normally couldn't nor would want to.

The thing with the horror genre though is that, out of countless titles from nearly a hundred years, there are only a handful truly capable of shocking you into a sleepless submission. To genuinely scare someone to the point where they have sleep issues is no easy task. It takes honed finesse, a mastery over the craft of filmmaking that only a rare, select few have.

So, without any further delay, plug in that nightlight as we take a tour down the road of ten horror movies that are guaranteed to decimate your circadian rhythm.

10. The Conjuring

The Nightmare 2015
Warner Bros

Even after over seven years of sequels and spin-offs, the first The Conjuring movie still stands as the scariest of the bunch.

In The Conjuring, a family moves into a new house in the middle of nowhere. Almost immediately they come to find that they may not be the only ones living there, and must call upon the Warrens, a married pair of ghost hunters, for help.

Working as a throwback to old school haunting movies while at the same time putting a modern spin on them, James Wan's film is one of those rare movies that exceeds its hype. The way he methodically uses the camera and subverts the typical way jump scares are done is not only genius, but downright diabolical. Take the bedroom scene for instance, when the daughters suspect that something is in the room with them. It's paced in a way where you never know when sh*t is going to hit the fan, forcing you to hold your breath until the very last second.

The Conjuring feels mean, as if its only purpose for existing is to make you regret that it does.

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