10 Horror Movies You Won't Be Able To Sleep After Watching

8. Wounds

The Nightmare 2015

Some lost things should never be found.

Wounds follows a man named Will who has his life turned upside down when he finds a lost cell phone. Now, he must climb his way out of the mystery he's found himself trapped in before it is too late.

The movie is based off the short story "The Visible Filth", by Nathan Ballingrud. The title of said story also describes exactly how you'll feel when the film is over. Filthy.

While it is certainly scary in its own right, with multiple moments where you'll feel as though your eyes are playing tricks on you, what makes Wounds so effective is that it will leave you feeling unclean. Will is a great character, but a terrible person. As the plot progresses and he discovers more about himself and his place in some sort of malicious cosmic plan, his, for the lack of a better word, filth seeps through the screen.

The deeper Will dives into the mystery, he becomes more narratively and visually sickening. His descent into depravity and self-destruction is somehow even more visceral than the scene where a man literally gets part of his face ripped off.

Wounds won't leave you a chance to sleep, as you'll be taking shower after shower to wipe its filth away until the morning comes.

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