10 Horror Remakes Coming In 2019

If it ain't broke, just throw it out and make a new one anyway.

Pet Sematary 2019

Remakes are some of the most fickle films to ever grace cinema screens. Often coming far too soon or are based on films far too well-loved to hit home with intended audiences, they're brushed aside as some of the worst offenders when it boils down to what people actually want to see.

It's true that sometimes, filmmakers can absolutely recapture the magic and offer a beautifully updated homage to the original, but sometimes Psycho 1990 happens and people are right to be angry. No one wants Psycho 1990.

As time is as inescapable as Scarlett Johannesson in an inappropriate starring role, remakes become a great way of looking back on excellent movies and bringing them back to the conversation in new and innovative ways - and 2019 in particular has loaded up on the good, the bad, and the downright weird.

Whether it's The Fly and The Thing level good, or One Missed Call and The Haunting level bad (and you know exactly which ones I mean here without me specifying a year), the horror community has some serious nuts taking on most of these titles. As exciting as it is to see some classics brought back into the fold: Just don't f*ck it up.

10. Jacob's Ladder

Pet Sematary 2019
ABC Studios

An often overlooked gem of the 1990s, Jacob's Ladder was focussed on the psychological trauma of a man returned from the Vietnam war, attempting to piece his past together whilst plagued by visions and flashbacks that alter his reality. It's a real trip - and influence behind terrifying video game series Silent Hill, if you needed any more reason to grasp just how unhinged it is.

Almost 30 years on then, director David M. Rosenthal is taking the project on to breathe new life into the old concept. Previously versed in romantic comedies and thrillers, it'll be interesting to see just how Rosenthal approaches the source material and changes it into homage rather than a straight up remake - something the producers are keen to keep in mind.

With Michael Ealy as the titular Jacob and a vague plot about two brothers at the heart of it, there's hope this ladder will climb somewhere good rather than causing any work accidents that aren't your fault.

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