10 Huge Actors Who Only Have ONE Fresh Film On Rotten Tomatoes

Solo: A Star Wars Story is Emilia Clarke's single critically Fresh movie to date.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Qi'ra

Whether you agree with it or not, there's no denying that Rotten Tomatoes has forever changed how we look at movies - a film's worth is so often boiled down to a single aggregated % score, as though an objective indication of its quality.

And one of the many knock-on effects of this is that the Tomatometer can be used to gauge the success of an actor's career, of how well they've managed to curry critical favour no matter each film's box office performance.

And while the overwhelming majority of actors have a healthy, understandable mix of critically praised and panned projects to their names, sometimes performers just can't catch a break.

Case in point, these 10 actors - all extremely well-known talents in their own rights - have managed to score just a single Fresh rating from critics - that is, 60% approval or above - despite the many dozens of films most of them have appeared in.

Whether a result of catastrophic bad luck or simply chasing the money over quality work, each of these actors has just one Fresh movie on their Rotten Tomatoes page...

10. Ashton Kutcher

Solo: A Star Wars Story Qi'ra
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Despite being one of the most recognisable and bankable comedy actors of the early 2000s, Ashton Kutcher's Rotten Tomatoes page is, frankly, a bloodbath.

His most popular films, such as Dude, Where's My Car?, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, and What Happens in Vegas failed to strike a chord with critics, while even his attempt at a serious dramatic role in Steve Jobs biopic Jobs was largely panned.

And though Kutcher has majorly reduced his acting output in recent years in order to focus on his social activism, he did finally break a 22-year streak of critically Rotten movies just recently.

Kutcher played a supporting role in B.J. Novak's directorial debut Vengeance, which rocks a sturdy 79% on the Tomatometer. Beyond the black comedy receiving solid reviews itself, Kutcher was widely praised for his performance as offbeat record producer Quinten Sellers.

While you probably shouldn't expect to see Kutcher add another Fresh movie to his filmography anytime soon, at least he finally got one, and it wasn't for a throwaway cameo that just happened to be in good film.


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