10 Huge Movies That Aquaman Destroyed At The Box Office

Aquaman dethroned DC's finest.

Aquaman The Dark Knight
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. implied recently that they're intending to move away from risky superhero team-up movies and focus squarely on standalone solo efforts instead, a strategy surely bolstered by the phenomenal box office performance of Aquaman.

As recently as the summer, many analysts suggested that the niche superhero's origin story would be lucky to pull in $500-600 million worldwide, but at the time of press Arthur Curry's solo debut is sitting at a perky $1.1 billion.

This makes it among the top 25 highest-grossing films of all time, an absolutely ridiculous result for a film that many scoffed at the mere notion of not so long ago.

Make no mistake that Aquaman was a colossal risk for Warner Bros., especially with a reported $200 million budget, but thanks to canny marketing and solid direction from the reliable James Wan, the film has resonated with audiences on a near-unprecedented level.

With both Black Panther and Aquaman unexpectedly joining the billion-dollar club in 2018, the message is clear: general audiences aren't quite as predictable as you might think.

And with that in mind, here are 10 hit movies which were unceremoniously beaten to a box office pulp by the King of Atlantis...

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