10 Huge Oscar-Winning Movies That Nobody Really Likes

They won a bunch of Oscars back in the day, but who's watching them now?

bad Best Picture Winners Beautiful Mind Gandhi Chicago
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Now more than ever, perhaps, the Oscars have been unable to make themselves relevant in this modern age: there's always been a self-congratulatory, "inside" feel to the occasion, of course, but the most recent ceremony exposed the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as the last bastion of a dying world - an entity that has failed to "get with the times," and so - as a result - faces potential cultural extinction.

Whilst this year the Oscars were lambasted over issues of race, the ceremony has often been derided for its "skill" in giving out awards to the wrong motion pictures entirely; films that, years later, hold little cultural relevance and have been forgotten or cast aside in favour of other, better movies that claimed a lot less than they probably should have.

That's where this list comes in, then: assembled here are 10 movies that won more than three Academy Awards and have either a) faded into obscurity ever since, to the point where nobody even remembers them or b) are plainly terrible and didn't deserve all the Awards glory they managed in the first place.

Basically, these are big Oscar-winning movies that have very few fans or admirers...


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