10 Huge What Ifs That Could Have Changed The MCU Forever

What if Ed Norton's Hulk had stayed in the MCU?

Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is well and truly established as the biggest, most lucrative and popular franchise that the industry has ever seen, and in the eyes of many fans the series has never put a single foot wrong in well over a decade.

Being absorbed into Disney's multimedia empire has only seen the MCU go from strength to strength, with a raft of upcoming shows exclusive to the company's in-house streaming service only set to expand the scope and scale of the shared universe.

One of those shows is What If...?, based on the comic book title of the same name that imagines alternate realities for some of Marvel's most iconic heroes. The animated series looks set to paint some familiar faces in an entirely new light, but what if the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself had turned out completely different?

No franchise of this size manages to go off without a single hitch, and there are countless scenarios that could have resulted in the MCU turning out in a vastly different way from the all-conquering cultural behemoth that we know it as today.


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