10 Iconic Batman Moments We Still Haven't Seen On Film

The Dark Knight Rises makes Batman the most filmed comic book superhero of all time but there are still many iconic moments from the comics we are yet to see on film.

On Friday, Batman will get his seventh on screen outing (eighth if you include 1966€™s Batman: The Movie) in The Dark Knight Rises. This will make Bats the most filmed comic book character ever, not surprising considering his unwavering popularity since his debut over 70 years ago. In those 70 years, there have been many iconic moments, from the shooting of Thomas and Martha Wayne to Batman€™s first fight with the Joker to his first dance with Catwoman to his final decision to give up the cape. And we€™ve seen all of those moments in the previous movies, some of them we've even seen twice. Even still, there are many, many more iconic moments, villains, and allies left in the Batman vault that we haven't yet seen on film. So what are the top moments we all want to see on the big screen?

10. Knightfall: Bane Breaks Batman€™s Back

Pretty much everyone who has read this seminal series that introduced the villain Bane is hoping to see this moment in The Dark Knight Rises this week. After releasing all the prisoners of Arkham and studying Batman as he rounds up the inmates, Bane faced the Bat himself and broke him, literally. The image of Bane breaking Batman€™s back sent shockwaves out through the comic community and assured Bane€™s place as a legendary Batman foe. What comes next is even worse: Bane publicly declares his victory, dumps the broken Batman on the streets of Gotham and declares himself the ruler of Gotham. Seeing this moment on film today would have as much of an impact as it did in the comics decades ago. It is a reminder that as much as we like to believe Batman is super-human, he is still only flesh and blood and can be broken. It would also make Bane truly terrifying and ensure that he finally gets recognized as one Batman€™s greatest villains. There is of course a big chance this first image will appear in The Dark Knight Rises!
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