10 Iconic Batman Moments We Still Haven't Seen On Film

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the world can always use more Batman.

Batman might just be the greatest comic book character ever created. The legacy speaks for itself; with over 70 years of history and character development, countless dedicated monthly lines and stand-alone series, and a thriving multi-platform existence, it€™s safe to say that he managed to capture the hearts and minds of the world years ago, and has since never really loosened his grip. Even strictly in cinema, Batman has been a consistently satisfying, and consistently lucrative presence, through Burton€™s original films, somehow through Shumacher€™s questionable run, and into Nolan€™s recent hyper-realistic adaptation (which, while TDKR didn€™t manage to outperform the Avengers, still made Warner Bros. silly money in the grand scheme of things). Now, with the news of a Justice League movie coming to imminent fruition, and the inevitable certainty of a new Batman reboot coming at us at some point in the not-too-distant future, it looks like The Caped Crusader, as a cinematic character, is a permanent fixture. But hey, I€™ve said it before, and I€™ll say it again: the world can always use more Batman. Over the many, many years the character has existed on the page, so many awesome, eye-popping and character defining moments have come and gone that, if you do the research, it€™s quite possible to be as knowledgeable about Batman as you are your own Father. But which of these awesome moments should be adapted next for screen? It€™s a question that€™s pretty much always on my mind, so why not join me as I attempt to answer it?
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