10 Iconic Film Performances With Hardly Any Screen Time

There are no small parts, only small actors.

We€™ve all heard that frequently quoted adage €˜there are no small parts, only small actors€™ and though it may be true, it€™s usually the bigger movie roles that actors gun for and capture the attention of critics while those relegated to bit parts and cameos often get overlooked. Every once in a while though, an actor comes along and gives a performance so spell-binding that they command the entire movie despite their relatively scant screen time. It€™s no easy feat either: unlike a film€™s main cast, actors in such roles have only a short time and limited dialogue with which to make their mark on the film and leave a lasting impression on the audience. But that€™s exactly what the actors here have done and thanks to their performances, however slim in scope, moviegoers have been granted some of the most memorable scenes in recent cinema history. From the dramatic to the comedic and the just plain bizarre, here are the most extraordinary performances achieved in under 20 minutes.

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