10 Iconic Movie Characters Only ONE Actor Could Play

There are some roles actors were born to play.

New Line Cinema

In an era where franchising is the grease that makes the gears of Hollywood churn, roles are rarely occupied by just one actor.

Whether it's reboots constantly changing the face of your favourite superheroes seemingly every other year or performers being swapped out of prestige pieces due to boring old scheduling conflicts, there are few roles that are so sacred studios and fans alike couldn't picture anyone else giving their take on them.

However, that only makes those rare instances where a character is so perfectly cast, and the synergy between an actor and their role appears so effortless, even better. The overused phrase used by critics to champion an actor of 'it was the role they were born to play!' might be meaningless now, but in these cases, yeah, that old saying absolutely holds water.

In fact, all of the following characters are unimaginable without the actors who occupy them, and while Hollywood may have tried to recast them with new faces here and there, in every case the magic of that original pairing has failed to be recreated.


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