10 Iconic Movie Characters With Less Screen Time Than You Think

7. Fantine - Les Miserables

The Silence Of The Lambs Anthony Hopkins

Tom Hopper’s Les Miserables goes on a bit.

Even fans of the movie can’t argue that the 2 hour 38 minute runtime often feels very long indeed, with very little from the stage show trimmed out for movie audiences. It’s natural then that with so many characters across such a sprawling narrative, the characters are going to dip in and out of the narrative.

Anne Hathaway’s Fantine though is only in the movie for a tiny fragment, despite the lasting legacy of it. Hathaway was the third billed star and even won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, but only had 15 minutes of screen time; around a tenth of the movie’s overall runtime.

She certainly committed to the part though, losing 25 lbs and shearing her hair short to fit Fantine. The crash diet which caused the already slim Hathaway to lose so much weight even caused her health troubles, and she still rarely speaks about it publicly.

While the change of image might have been heavily in the press before the movie, all anyone could talk about afterwards was her brilliant performance and rendition of I Dreamed A Dream; she definitely shone in her short time on screen.


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