10 Iconic Movie Moments With Unexpected Origins

7. "But Why Male Models?" - Zoolander

Zoolander Ben Stiller
Paramount Pictures

The Scene

Derek (Ben Stiller) asks former hand model J.P. Prewett (Duchovny) why male models are being brainwashed as assassins, and after Prewett clearly outlines the reasons why, Derek gormlessly asks again, "But why male models?"

It's probably the single most-quoted line in the entire movie, and endures as a perfect example of smart-stupid writing almost 20 years (!) later.

How It Happened

Derek's idiotic response came about due to a real-life brain-fart from Ben Stiller, who forgot his next line and instead simply re-uttered "why male models?".

Ever the professional, Duchovny managed to keep a straight face and roll with it, in turn helping to create one of the most hilarious moments in the entire movie.


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