10 Iconic Movie Scenes Made Possible By Enforced Method Acting

url By definition, "method acting" is any technique employed by an actor which helps them to create feelings or thoughts inherent to the character they are playing. That's to say, Daniel Day-Lewis goes out into the woods for a month and learns how to survive in the wilderness so he can better channel Nathaniel Hawkeye in The Last of the Mohicans. That's method. Whereas this kind of dedicated preparation can take up a lot of time and effort, there's another brand of method acting that relies more on the spirit of the moment: enforced method acting, which basically involves an actor giving a realistic, lifelike response because nobody warned them about what was going to happen. It happens completely without their participation - the magic is in seeing how they might react to spontaneous events. Over the course of cinematic history, enforced method acting has occurred frequently, and in a number of famous pictures. Be it because the director gets a certain joy out of frightening his actors, or because there's simply no other way to evoke a specific reaction, this technique has its fair share of champions. Here's 10 iconic movie scenes that were made entirely possible by means of enforced method acting...
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