10 Iconic Spider-Man Comics Moments We're Still Waiting To See On Screen

Or in other words - please just make Kraven's Last Hunt soon!

Over the course of five films, Sony€™s Spider-Man franchise has featured a number of moments plucked directly from the comic books. Just to name a few: Uncle Ben€™s death; Peter Parker discarding his Spider-Man costume in a garbage can; and most recently (*spoilers*), the death of Peter€™s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. In nearly every instance, adapting these iconic comic book scenes has led to some of the most memorable and inspired sequences in both the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb movie-verses. The success and popularity of these movie moments should come as no surprise. For more than 50 years, Spider-Man comic books have been the standard bearer for the industry. Even when Spidey comics are at their worst (€œClone Saga,€ or €œOne More Day€), the franchise has still found a way to produce influential and iconic scenes that stick with readers for years after they were first published. With that in mind, there are still plenty of top-notch comic book moments ready to be mined for future Spider-Man movies. And with at least two The Amazing Spider-Man sequels in the works, plus two spinoff movies involving the Sinister Six and Venom, any and all of the following 10 comic book scenes should be considered for cinematic inclusion. Just to be fair and realistic, none of the following 10 entries will feature scenes from the comics where Spider-Man is interacting/battling characters owned by Marvel Studios (The Avengers and associated solo characters) and Fox (X-Men and Fantastic Four).

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