10 Incredible Actors Who Went Bad To Win An Oscar

9. Mo'Nique €“ Precious: Based on the Novel €˜Push€™ By Sapphire


If you haven€™t seen Precious: Based on the Novel €˜Push€™ By Sapphire I implore you to seek out this awkwardly titled indie gem. Let€™s forget for a moment that Tyler Perry and Oprah tried to shove this movie down your throat and celebrate the film for what it is: a uniquely directed and powerful story of abuse and neglect set in the inner city.

Comedian Mo€™Nique was never known for her dramatic thespian work. Exhibit A: Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins; exhibit B: Phat Girlz; and exhibit C: Soul Plane. However, in Precious, she shocked the entire movie going world with her monstrous, yet humanistic, portrayal of an abusive mother. There€™s a scene in which she tries to drop a television set on her own daughter for crying out loud. It€™s a despicable character €“ but she gives the character an ounce of humanity which certainly helped her snag the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

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