10 Incredible Comedy Movie Details You Definitely Missed

You were laughing so hard you didn't spot these tricks.

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If there's one thing filmmakers love to do, it's sneak hidden details into their movies. It's a practice that has existed for decades, and you can find examples of this attention to detail across every genre. Still, one that might not get the credit it deserves is the irreverent world of comedy.

The comedy genre is often an amazing escape from the norm, but it is also brushed aside far too often when discussing technical filmmaking. Sure, the goal of a comedy usually isn't to win big awards or change the medium, but that doesn't mean they can't come loaded with impressive intricacies.

No one is surprised when Christopher Nolan or Stanley Kubrick insert almost imperceptible features into their movies, but you don't need blaring bass, artsy camera angles, or Oscar-winning scripts to include mind-blowing details in your titles.

The following films all do an amazing job of sneaking in incredible details right under your nose. Some aid the narrative and add depth to the world, whereas others act as a fun gag for eagle-eyed viewers. Either way, they get you thinking, "How did I never notice that before?"

10. Gretchen's Hoop Earrings - Mean Girls

Fargo William H. Macy
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If one of your friends ordered you not to wear a specific piece of clothing, you'd probably tell them to mind their own business, right? Well, that's because you're not buddies with the terrifying Regina George. When this mean girl tells you to stop wearing something, you stop.

The original Mean Girls was a side-splitting comedy that lovingly explored high school clique culture and created a menacing villain in the leader of the "plastics," Regina. One of her most toxic traits was her fashion gatekeeping, dictating to her lackeys what they could and couldn't wear. 

A major victim of this tyrannical reign was Regina's supposed "BFF" Gretchen, who she forbade from wearing hoop earrings as they were "her thing." But don't feel too bad for Gretchen or her accessories, as things eventually turned around for the both of them, although you might have missed it. 

As the film wrapped up, it showed off each of the mean girls post-prom, with Gretchen hanging out with the "cool Asians" in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. Still, if you're quick enough, you can spot that she's wearing hoop earrings again, proving that she has moved on from Regina and is looking pretty fetch.

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