10 Incredible Films That Bombed At The Box Office

9. The Road

Phantom Thread
Dimension Films

Production Budget: $25 Million

Box Office Earnings: $28 Million

Audiences love going to movies to escape reality. It is what many motion pictures offer people the chance to do, but The Road doesn't provide that option. Instead, it paints a picture of a potential future reality that is bleak and depressing.

Adapted from Cormac McCarthy's best-selling novel, the story explores the relationship between a father and son as they navigate a dangerous post-apocalyptic world. It is full of both tender moments and frightening sequences. Viggo Mortensen is deeply compelling as a tired, yet dutiful father in a hopeless world. The atmosphere throughout the film is dramatic and captivating, particularly in terms of visuals. The color tones are dull, but that adds to the haunting beauty of the cinematography.

Despite everything the movie had going for it, audiences weren't too keen to see it in theatres. The lack of feel-good vibes or traditional action is often blamed for the poor turnout in cinemas. It's too bad, because this film has a lot to offer.


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