10 Incredible Movie Scenes You Won't Believe Weren't Faked

Who says it's all pretend?


You've really got to feel for actors sometimes. In this era of CGI and incredible stunt-performers pure performance only ever seems to be measured in terms of method. It's no wonder, then, that some actors are taking it upon themselves - like Tom Cruise does - to take something of performance back for themselves by doing things they wouldn't normally be asked to.

In his case, it's throwing himself off or out of things at high speed or at great heights, but it doesn't always have to be that extreme. In some cases, movie scenes require actors not to fake it in smaller terms to make everything feel a little more legitimate and they don't always get the credit they deserve for it.

That changes now...

10. Bill Murray Really Bowled Three Strikes - Kingpin

Kingpin Bill Murray

Just as Armageddon ridiculously established that it's easier to train oil drillers to be astronauts, it seems that it's easier to hire really good bowlers for bowling movies rather than training up actors to be good at it. Or at the very least, the Farrelly brothers just got really lucky when they hired Bill Murray to play villainous cad Ernie McCracken.

It seems Murray was a dab hand with ten pins as he proved when the time came to shoot the film's climax. In the key match between him and Woody Harrelson's loser Roy Munson, McCracken had to bowl three strikes in a row to win and Murray legitimately bowled all three consecutively.

Apparently, Harrelson was terrible, though.


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