10 Incredible Movie Scenes You Won't Believe Weren't Faked

8. Conan Really Outran Dangerous Dogs - Conan The Barbarian

Conan Arnold Schwarzenegger

There's a price that comes with looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or there was when he first started out in acting. And it's not one you'd probably think about too much. The problem for Arnie back in those days was that he couldn't get a stunt-double: he just looked so different to everyone.

Studios struggled to employ anyone to stand in for him, such was his build, so Schwarzenegger was forced to do some of his own stunts (which arguably helped him break Hollywood). For Conan The Barbarian, he trained extensively with a sword, learned to climb and ride a horse and stunt fall and fight. And as part of it, he also learned how to outrun legitimately dangerous dogs.

For one scene that saw Conan running away from the animals, Schwarzenegger was apparently really running for his life, because the dogs were notoriously difficult and had attacked their trainer, as director John Milius confirmed:

"When you had the dogs chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger and he's running, he's actually running for his life because he knew those dogs were very dangerous and they even attacked their trainer."

If you don't believe it, there's even a blooper of one of the dogs actually catching Arnie:


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