10 Incredible Movies You'll Never Watch Again (And Why)

Not even Leonardo DiCaprio wants to watch The Revenant again...

The Revenant
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Rewatchability is to film-making what brand recognition is to tech firms: it’s like a mark of dependability and quality that guarantees a captive audience, which is where familiarity breeds love. So of course film-makers seek to make their films rewatchable.

Then again, that doesn’t mean that every single great movie is something you’d happily go back to experience all over again. Because not every story told is one you necessarily one you want to hear again and some are so downright harrowing that you barely want to relive their memory, let alone watching them all over again…

10. Mother! (2017)

Mother Jennifer Lawrence

Darren Aronofsky seems to be drinking from the same cup as Lars Von Trier and latterly Nicolas Winding Refn in that his chief goal is to provoke. In fact, like those two, he seems intent on that end at the cost of traditional cinematic form, which invariably delights his ardent fans.

Mother! might as well be the flagship movie of that agenda, given its targetting of organised religion, its fetishistic violence and hysteria and its occasionally impenetrable logic. It’s well made and profound and impactful - and critics loved it - but it is not, in any way, enjoyable.

In fact, it is quite the opposite, and that’s sort of the point of it. But why you’d ever subject yourself to that sort of sensory assault again without anything sweet to sugar it is anyone’s guess.

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