10 Infamous Movie Plot-Holes (Solved By Film-Makers)

Time travel, shifting origins, rule breakers, and a big door...

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Not every film is perfect. In fact, if you watch a film with the intent of finding faults, continuity errors or character discrepancies, you're likely to find something in every film you watch. Because making a film is hard work, and making everything come together as one complete organism - with no gaps, no bumps - is easier said than done.

Especially when dealing with time travel, as this list will demonstrate.

But time travel isn't the only plot hole theme that needs tackled and fixed, as action flicks, family animations and dramas are all culprits, too.

Be it issues with the setting of the film, the way characters interact, the way backstories are twisted to fit the narrative, no film is safe from the possibility of a glaring error. And in a time when the Internet is rife with people picking apart films for the world to see, it's now more obvious than ever when your film is missing something important.

The following list deals with these plot holes, but with the added bonus of their directors, producers and screenwriters coming forward with an explanation into how they came to be, and how they can be fixed for future viewings.

Be warned, though: Spoilers follow.

10. Alternate Realities - Avengers: Endgame


Avengers: Endgame is a three-hour epic filled with tons of characters and a plot based around time travel and alternate timelines. And whenever time travel is pursued for a film there are going to be some issues. Endgame tried to find a way around the classic problems, but ended up creating more paradoxes and questions than they solved.

In the film, Bruce Banner states that if you journey to the past, that past becomes your new future and creates a new reality; a new timeline that veers away from where they started.

After that, the whole thing was mostly swept under the rug to make way for some brilliant moments of fan service, fight scenes and gratifying conclusions to some major character arcs. The biggest arc finished in the film belongs to Steve Rogers, who goes back in time (again) to put all the Infinity Stones back. But he stays in the past - a new timeline - to spend his life with Peggy Carter.

So how then does he return to the main timeline to give his shield to Sam Wilson? He's not seen wearing a quantum suit and he doesn't arrive on the tunnel he left in. As the Russo Brothers see it, we're right to be confused, but have looked into it too much: Steve could easily have arrived in the main timeline at another moment and had an opportunity to ditch the suit he used to get there and have his moment with Sam.

Simple, apparently...


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