10 Infamous Movie Plot Holes That Actually Have Legitimate Answers

4. Batman Begins - Why Did The Microwave Emitter Not Kill The Citizens Of Gotham?

Batman Begins is definitely one of the greatest comic book movies of all time. It has great characters, awesome plot, and an incredible score. However, when discussing the film there's one thing that seems out of place in an otherwise great movie. In it, Ra's al Ghul uses a Microwave Emitter to vaporize the water in Gotham's sewer system, releasing massive quantities of Fear Toxin in the air. But, there's one thing that doesn't make too much sense on that plan: since that thing's main function is to vaporize water, it should cause severe damage to a normal person, maybe even killing them. So why everybody around the thing walk and talk normally like nothing is going on? The Reasonable Explanation... We seem to have misunderstood the actual function of the thing. According to the movie, it uses "focused microwaves" to evaporate the enemy's water supply. Some fans have argued that, since it was designed for military use, it most likely had some kind of targeting system to avoid any kind of problem while using it. If that's the case, Ra's might have targeted it to the piles of the city, and the only people affected would be those underneath the train. There's also the fact that, despite being 75% water, it isn't in its pure form in our body. It is present in the different organs of the body, as well as your blood, your cells, etc. Those things might have protected from suffering long-term damage from the thing. And, just like many artifacts of that kind, it would require prolonged exposure to the thing in order to see some kind of adversary defect, with that in mind, those at risk of developing Cancer or having some health problems in the future would be Ra's al Ghul and Bruce Wayne. Come to think of it, that might explain Bruce's awful health in The Dark Knight Rises.
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