10 Infuriating Movie Sub-Plots That Are Still Unresolved

Those amazingly important details that look like they might have far-reaching consequences? Yeah, sometimes they just disappear.

Is there anything more frustrating than watching a film and discovering that a key sub-plot has been abandoned half way through? Or a pivotal plot point set up in one film never materialises in the sequel? As audiences we should be able to head to the cinema, watch a film and not leave with too many unanswered questions. Sometimes there just isn't room to show every moment of the script and scenes get cut, but that's what extended versions are for. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy was allowed to flesh out certain elements that were perceived to be a burden to the cinematic versions. Return Of The King's extended edition sees the absurdly-cut death of Saruman brought back the screen and little gems like the houses of healing and the mighty Mouth Of Sauron, which add emotional weight to the story. However, we don't always get extended versions, and in a number of cases nor should we. Simply put, audiences shouldn€™t leave the cinema wondering what happened to a character or confused by an event that transpired. As for those sequel set-ups that never materialise, often it feels as if the writers forgot to watch the last film when they work on the next one. You wait three years to find out what happens next and the answer is simply...nothing. So in this article, we'll take a look at ten of the biggest movie sub plots that never went anywhere and remain unresolved to this very day. As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! Click €˜Next€™ for number 10...

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