10 Insane Character Decisions That Totally Ruined Movies

Alien invasion? Time for a baby!

Even the most outlandish movies need to present consistent and believable character logic, and ultimately, it's totally fine for characters to do stupid and absurd things. It just has to be plausible within the context of their prior behaviour and the overall story.

Take Avengers: Infinity War - Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) angrily ruining The Avengers' plan to stop Thanos (Josh Brolin) is absolutely consistent with the impulsive, emotional nature of his character, frustrating though it still might be to watch.

Quentin Tarantino is also a master of this, especially in Pulp Fiction, where Butch (Bruce Willis) refusing to take a fall in his boxing match is a perfect distillation of the character's personality, while massively upping the dramatic ante in the process.

But it's far more common that films fail to justify a character's ridiculous behaviour on either a character or narrative level, and the result can be the all-important suspension of disbelief being thoroughly derailed.

These 10 movies were all impacted severely by the idiosyncratic, eyebrow-raising and straight-up inane choices their characters made, condemning themselves and others to most unnecessary fates.

Generally, it's a result of writers either getting lazy or writing themselves into a tough dramatic corner...

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