10 Insane Character Decisions That Totally Ruined Movies

7. Superman Gives Lois An Amnesia Kiss - Superman II

Superman 2 Christopher Reeve Margot Kidder
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In Superman II, Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) finds out that Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve) is indeed Superman, and the end of the film sees her struggling to come to terms with this fact.

So, Clark decides to ass-pull a new superpower totally out of nowhere, by planting a passionate kiss on Lois' lips which erases her memory of his superhero alter-ego.

Even if you can accept the totally nonsensical mechanics of the power, it's creepy at best and downright rapey at worst. Because let's face it, how would anyone with this power not use it in their favour on a regular basis?

But more frustratingly, it takes an icky "ignorance is bliss" approach to the Lois-Clark dynamic, and undoes the genuinely intriguing wrinkle of Lois knowing that Clark is Superman.

Diminishing Lois and Clark's romance had the knock-on effect of relegating her to a mere cameo role in the third film, and though she returned for a more substantial part in the fourth, her relationship with Clark took a backseat once again, this time to...Nuclear Man (Mark Pillow). All because of that damn kiss.

Thankfully the amnesia kiss isn't present in the Richard Donner cut of the movie, but the version that most people have actually seen is unmistakably tainted by Clark effectively giving Lois a roofie kiss.

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