10 Insane Fan Theories For Upcoming MCU Projects

Jaden Smith as the MCU's Miles Morales? Twitter would have a meltdown!

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest entertainment franchise in the world right now, with a thriving, passionate fanbase that pumps out fan theories almost as fast as Marvel Studios pumps out content.

Looking at the MCU's upcoming slate, it's actually ridiculous how much there is to theorise about, from the multiverse madness of Doctor Strange 2, to the unsettling grittiness of Moon Knight, to the impending arrivals of Blade, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. It makes you wonder when Kevin Feige finds the time to sleep!

But hey, as long as Mr. Feige continues to deliver the goods, that fanbase will never die down, and the theories will continue to flow.

While some of the current fan guesswork actually sounds logical and likely (e.g. Wanda being the villain in Doctor Strange 2), some of it, frankly, sounds rather nutty - sometimes in a good way, and sometimes not. Basically, there are tons of insane MCU fan theories out there, so join us as we venture down that particular rabbit hole, and if any of these actually come true, well... it'll certainly be interesting to see.

10. The Echo Show Is Actually A Daredevil Show

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The announcement of an Echo TV show was met with very little fanfare back in March 2021, and even though we've now spent a good amount of time with the character, that fanfare hasn't really increased all that much.

Indeed, her role in the Hawkeye series didn't really get fans excited about her upcoming solo project, to the extent that some people are theorising that said project is actually a front: more specifically, a front for a Daredevil series.

Considering Daredevil's recent appearance in No Way Home - and the fact that we've heard basically zero news about the Echo show in almost a year - you can sort of understand how the theory originated. Echo is also one of the next places you'd expect Matt Murdock to appear, especially factoring in the Kingpin connection.

And hey, Kevin Feige has dished out fake titles before (Captain America: Civil War being jokingly unveiled as The Serpent Society), so why can't he do it again?

Daredevil night skyscrapers

It's an incredibly wild theory, and that's exactly why it can't be true. For starters, that Serpent Society fakeout lasted minutes - not months - but more importantly, revealing that a show about a disabled woman of colour is nothing more than a cover-up would be a disastrous move publicity-wise.

Feige isn't foolish enough to pull such a stunt, and even though it's likely that Daredevil is in Echo, and that he does have his own solo project in development, a better way to keep it hidden for the last year (thus keeping his No Way Home return a secret) would've simply been to not announce it. It's not rocket science!


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