10 Insane MCU Details Nobody Noticed


Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a blockbuster behemoth of a movie franchise, there's no denying the absurd attention-to-detail that Marvel Studios, at the behest of producer Kevin Feige, puts into each and every single one of their films. Yes, even Thor: The Dark World.

The MCU has not only maintained a shockingly consistent level of quality across its near-two-dozen movies, but firmly committed itself to densley packing each film with as many Easter eggs, callbacks and sly hidden details as possible.

And so, we come to these 10 shockingly subtle secrets hidden within some of the MCU's best movies to date, from jaw-droppingly meticulous character development, to blink-and-you'll-miss-it references to prior films and everything in-between.

The brilliance of these sneaky details is that they passed by the overwhelming majority of audiences, despite the amount of time and effort that was surely put into getting them in the movies.

Whatever complaints can be made about the MCU, there's no knocking the series' unwavering commitment to rewarding those who dare to really pay attention...


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