10 Insane Movie Plots That Actually Happened In Real Life

One real-life plane journey could've really used a Samuel L. Jackson on board...

Sam Jackson Snakes On A Plane
New Line Cinema

There's nothing quite like that feeling of wandering into a movie theatre, making yourself comfy with a bucket of popcorn in hand, and getting entirely lost in a larger than life fantasy, jaw-dropping chunk of dramatic goodness, or having the crap spooked out of you for two hours straight.

Yet, when it comes to the following cinematic stories that often felt a little bit too insane to actually go down in the world outside of the big-screen environment, what was once a hilarious, horrifying or just plain odd piece of make-belief soon found a way to bleed into actual existence!

This isn't just a case of those many movie plots that were heavily inspired by real-life events that genuinely occurred in the time before their release either. Each of the following stunning tales of movie madness come to life all wiggled their way into reality some time after the film in question.

From m*therf***in' snakes genuinely invading a flying vehicle, to real-life superheroes attempting to take the law into their own hands, these are those times movie plots weren't content with staying within the realm of fiction.

10. The Recent Real-Life Pandemic Is Eerily Foreshadowed - Contagion

Sam Jackson Snakes On A Plane
Warner Bros.

Back when Steven Soderbergh's gripping thriller by the name of Contagion was unleashed into theatres in 2011, few could ever imagine just how on the money the star-studded ensemble flick would be in just under a decade's time.

Fast forward to 2020, and the film in question's plot centred around how the modern world would deal with a worldwide pandemic had become a disturbing reality, with Contagion's use of the term "social distancing", the sight of streets and venues being all but abandoned, supermarkets being ravaged by freaked out civilians, and much more all feeling particularly close to home in the wake of the recent real-life pandemic.

On top of this, the film's virus of MEV-1 originated in animals, specifically a bat, during the runtime, with COVID-19 also being thought to have had a similar origin.

Far from having a "crystal ball" when it came time to pen this shockingly accurate script a near-decade before the real-life pandemic changed the world, though, screenwriter Scott Z. Burns simply noted, "I had access to great expertise. So, if people find the movie to be accurate, it should give them confidence in the public health experts who are out there right now trying to guide us."


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