10 Insane Movies That Were Almost Made

9. Sgt. Rock

Superman Flyby
DC Comics

The Movie: Quite possibly the most Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that Arnold Schwarzenegger never made, the Austrian giant was, throughout the 1980s, attached to play comic-book character Sgt. Rock in a film adaptation of the source material.

Rock is a buff WWII soldier who's as good at hand-to-hand combat as he is with a rifle. The movie would've featured Arnie as a German-American version of the character who uses his fluency in the former language to ambush enemy forces. At one point in time, Die Hard director John McTiernan was in talks to helm, which led to him including Sgt. Rock comics in Predator, so he and Arnie could read them on set.

Essentially, Sgt. Rock would've been a balls-to-the-wall action flick in that typical 1980s style - think Commando, Die Hard, Cobra, and Predator. It was perfect Arnie material. The greased-up muscles, the cheesy one-liners and the comical amount of blood spurts would've all been present and correct here, but turned up to 11, to mirror the comically macho character we see on the page.

Why It Wasn't Made: It's not exactly clear why Sgt. Rock never came together - we just stopped hearing news about it. Numerous scripts were written throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and Arnie definitely wanted to do it, so it's surprising that we never saw it. In 2010, we heard that the setting had been changed from WWII to a future battle, but that's the last we heard about the film.


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