10 INSANE Movies You Won't Believe Are Getting Made

Nicolas Cage is about to out-WTF himself yet again.

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While it certainly seems like Hollywood is becoming more risk-averse and safe-playing with each passing year, the defiant, singular spirit of renegade filmmakers can never truly be stamped out.

Amid the annual sea of generic slop, there are those movies which dare to push the envelope, test boundaries, and make everybody say, "What the ever-loving hell did I just watch?"

And the next year-or-so of cinema is no exception, if these upcoming movies have anything to say about it. These are the sorts of bold, provocative movies that executives are generally loath to greenlight, for fear they won't generate a profit.

Yet each certainly has the potential to be one of the most divertingly entertaining and unforgettable movies on the upcoming slate.

And no matter how they perform both critically and commercially, the fact that films so aggressively left-field are still being made is absolutely something to celebrate.

From deeply unhinged A24 joints to long-gestating follow-ups to hit TV shows and perhaps the most WTF "biopic" of all time, you'll scarcely believe these 10 movies are actually real. But they are, and they're all coming soon...

10. Kung Fury 2

Community Jeff
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Remember Kung Fury? David Sandberg's short film homage to cheesy '80s action flicks was released online in 2015 to enormous critical acclaim and viral success, and to date is closing in on 40 million views on YouTube alone.

The short's popularity allowed writer-director-star Sandberg to secure funding for a feature-length sequel, Kung Fury 2, which wrapped shooting in September 2019, with a shockingly stacked cast including Michael Fassbender, Arnold Schwarzenegger (playing the President), Alexandra Shipp, Jorma Taccone (playing Adolf Hitler), and David Hasselhoff.

However, post-production ultimately ended up being halted due to a lawsuit with investors, leaving the film's status up in the air for years, prompting many fans to question if it would ever be released.

However, earlier this year the sequel was finally given a November 17 release date, suggesting the legal red tape has been cleared and fans will soon be able to feast their eyes upon it.

Given that many had written it off entirely, what a relief it is.

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