10 Insane Star Wars Plot Twists George Lucas Nearly Made Happen

General Grievous was very nearly another familiar foe...

Darth Maul Grievous

The galaxy far, far away has played host to some of the most shocking twists ever to utterly stun a movie theatre over the years, with arguably the greatest unexpected development of all time popping up in Episode V of George Lucas and the gang's Skywalker Saga.

And while fans have been lucky enough to have their minds blown by the likes of that aforementioned "I am your father!" revelation and the clones ultimately turning on their long-time Jedi pals throughout Lucas' spell guiding the Star Wars universe on the big-screen, there were a few other arguably even more staggering twists that never fully made it into existence.

They were pretty darn close, though.

As this list will show, the world of Force users, Rebel Alliances, and an Empire has routinely found itself on the cusp of looking a whole lot different.

Had the mind behind this collection of space operas chosen to fully commit to some of these particularly crazy plot swerves, then maybe a certain iconic big bad would've made their jaw-dropping comeback a little sooner, some bizarre familial connections could've been explored, and other legendary figures could've unthinkably dropped out of the tale entirely.

If you thought some of the twists George managed to squeeze into Episode I-VI were bonkers, then wait 'til you get a load of what else almost altered the galaxy forever.

10. Han Solo Was Actually Raised By Chewbacca On Kashyyyk

Darth Maul Grievous
20th Century Fox

Acting as unquestionably the most iconic best pals in the galaxy, Han Solo and Chewbacca's friendship throughout the Original Trilogy and beyond helped establish both characters as the sort of loveable rogues you'd love to share a pint of blue milk with.

And in an attempt to infuse some of that glorious Chewie/Solo spirit into his Prequel Trilogy, George Lucas was actually rather close to throwing in a cheeky cameo that would've added a rather unexpected detail to the pair's relationship.

On top of being gifted a solitary line in the form of "I found part of a transmitter droid near the east bay. I think it's still sending and receiving signals", Lucas had initially revealed in his script that a 10-year-old Solo was actually an orphan on Kashyyyk being raised by, you guessed, everyone's favourite Wookiee.

Yoda would've also reportedly come into contact with the soon-to-be legendary smuggler for the very first time on-screen in this brief scene, with the interaction getting as far as the concept art stage before the Episode III director decided against using it in the finished product.


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