10 Insane Things You Won’t Believe Movies Spent Money On

Deadpool spent a LOT of money on that Golden Girls gag...

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The cost of a movie is, on the surface, pretty cut and dry. You've got money spent on sets, travel, the actual filming, actors, editing and behind the scenes things like music, costumes, food and so on. All of this is needed to see a film out to completion, but every now and again a movie, its studio or even its stars can decide to spend a ridiculous sum adding completely pointless or inconsequential things.

The following list is dedicated to such weird uses of movie budgets. Many make zero sense whatsoever, others seem to make sense on paper but ultimately add nothing to the film and seemed unnecessary in hindsight.

Of course, you have to respect the amount of work that goes into making a film, but with the following movies, you can't help but think that the cast and crew were just making things difficult for themselves.

Whether a stupid prop, an insane marketing campaign, an extravagant world premiere or just a T-shirt, here are 10 totally bonkers things movies actually wasted money on.

10. A Replica London Eye - A Knight's Tale ($500,000)

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A Knight's Tale is one of those films that both defies genre and is impossible not to love. With its colourful cast, strange but endearing story, it's clear to see why it is now such a cult favourite.

Part-way through the film, when the unlikely group of protagonists head to the jousting championship in London, audiences are treated to an aerial view of the city.

The shot comes complete with a bizarre, easy-to-miss reconstruction of the modern London Eye, made to look both similar to the real Eye and in-keeping with the medieval aesthetic of the movie.

Apparently, the replica Eye was made out of wood and thrown in by the filmmakers as a kind of joke - a joke that cost the movie half a million dollars.

Given how hard it is to see the overpriced prop and how much it set the movie's budget back, it's fair to say the joke didn't really work and it was not money well spent.


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