10 Insane Ways Directors Appeared In Their Own Movies

Slap on some prosthetics, voice a dying creature, or just wiggle your fingers around.


The director cameo is a time-honoured Hollywood tradition. And it's easy to see why. Everyone watching a movie harbours a yearning to be up there on screen, immortalised in celluloid, even the person behind the camera.

Of course, not every director wants to hand themselves the kind of showy roles in which the likes of Tarantino or Shyamalan like to appear. Especially those that have the same acting talents as (but a little more self-awareness than) Tarantino or Shyamalan!

That's not a problem, though, when you're the one calling the shots. You can sneak yourself in anywhere. It doesn't matter how odd or esoteric, how much effort it requires, if you're the director then you can bag yourself a role in any way that you want. And some of those ways are pretty odd.

There's plenty of times that a director will go that weird extra mile to hide themselves within their own project. Not for them the face in the crowd or voice on the end of the phone. No, in these ten examples, filmmakers really pushed the boat out on concealing themselves in their own movies. And talking of boats, let's kick off there...


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