10 Insane Ways Movies Have Influenced Real Life

5. Hunting Decreases By Half After Bambi Comes Out

BambiThe Movie: Tellingly, we now move onto a film memorable largely because of a deer hunter, with the cute fawn Bambi having to suffer through the murder of his mother by way of a hunter's bullet. The Reality: Though the movie endured a mixed critical response upon release, it still resonated with audiences in much the same way that Disney always has - it is a moving classic of their canon, to the point where it apparently caused many hunters to no longer desire snagging the pelt of a Bambi lookalike. According to online reports, the number of deer hunted in the US decreased by roughly half in the years following Bambi's release for a time, and the anthropomorphism that we associate with "cute" animals in general (such as dolphins) has since been dubbed "the Bambi effect".

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