10 Intense Movies That Dared You To Sit Through Them

9. Uncut Gems

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Uncut Gems is what you get when a filmmaker wakes up and chooses violence.

The movie - all about Adam Sandler's gaming addict Howard attempting to turn his life around and pay off his debts - is pure chaos from start to finish.

A panic attack put to film, every second we spend with Howard allows us to think about how we'd act in his situation: How would we navigate owing so much money to men wanting to break our bones? What would happen if our ticket out of the situation was missing? How would we continue lying to our family? What would we do if our mistress was caught f**king The Weeknd?

Through the story itself, the claustrophobic cinematography and the manic - often hilarious - performances, Uncut Gems from the word go feels like it's on the precipice of a huge explosion which, of course, eventually comes.

It's the anticipation before the drop that's always the most nerve-wracking though, and this tight thriller does its best to keep us in that liminal space.

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