10 Intense Slow Burn Horror Movies That Keep You Guessing

2. The Witch

The Witch
A24 Films

Robert Eggers’ tale of a witch in the woods is nightmare fuel to say the least. Functioning entirely on crackling nervous energy and tension so thick you could spread it on your sandwich, it’s a long, slow, march through a family’s living hell - fearing that a witch lurks near their home when their youngest son goes missing near the tree line. Never revealing too much and slowly burrowing its way into the back of your brain with each imposing shot of the woods and far flung accusation, the ending comes as a teeth-rattling culmination of an hour and a half of sitting right on the very edge of your seat.

Whilst some might not click with the Olde English dialect straight away, this New England Folktale is well worth sticking with for its visuals alone. With towering trees, isolated farmland, and the constant reminder that something sinister is working its claws into both the family’s bodies and minds, it’s an exercise in tension you won’t soon forget. You won't be able to look a goat in the eye again.

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