10 International Stars You Never Realised Weren’t American

You'll need to double-check their passports.

If you want a good chance of making it in the movie business as an actor, you need to be one of two things: 1. American, or 2. skilled enough to pretend that you are an American. It€™s a big world - there are hundreds of languages and dialects out there, and not everyone has the knack to disguise their local tongue long enough to find themselves headlining the latest Hollywood blockbuster. There are some, however, who nail the US twang so naturally that audiences can be fooled into thinking they were born stateside all along. For those lucky folks who have mastered the art of the accent and who also possess some acting talent (that€™s a pretty important trait too), stardom might beckon. For the sake of fairness, this top ten is limited to one country per entry, taking in performers from three continents and ten countries outside of the USA in total. Otherwise, we could just head straight to England, and list the countless Gary Oldmans and Andrew Garfields and Chiwetel Ejiofors and Tom Hardys and Damian Lewsises and Henry Cavills and Rebecca Halls and Mark Strongs who can do the accent perfectly, and where€™d be the fun in that?

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